If you have a bicycle then these are really amazing gadgets that make your bicycle looks stylish and classic. We listed some of the gadgets which are very useful for you if your love to travel on a bicycle. These bicycle gadgets are really amazing and have a lot of special features.



Quad-lock is a bicycle gadget that is very helpful for you if you’re a vlogger. Because while traveling by bicycle it is quite hard to take videos. If you have this gadget on your bicycle then you can take cinematic videos while traveling. This gadget not only used for vlog purposes but also used for fitness activities. For fitness, this bicycle gadget plays a major role while traveling we cant able to keep the phone in the pocket because it will not give comfort while driving. So to overcome that this bicycle gadget is used. It is placed on the handlebar and places the phone in the gadget then you can easily access the phone while driving. You can see maps when you are going to new places, see how many km you have travel, calories burnt, etc.

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2.LivAll Helmet:

Livall Helmet

A livall helmet is a bicycle gadget that looks like an ordinary helmet but this helmet has lots of features that are helpful while traveling. These helmet has a lot of LED lights on its top which is use for taking diversion on the road. The diversion is control through handlebar. These helmet has charging port on its right side you can charge your phone. You can listen music while driving. You can communicate through helmet when you cross person who wear the same type of helmet. When met with accident this has alarm option and send msg with the location to the number which we saved.

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This gadget is a type of bell which has a lots of advanced features which helpful for bicyclist to use while they are driving. This gadget has a navigation option which helpful for bicyclist to travel without fear for long distances. This bell is chargeable. If this is charged once it can use for more than 200 times. This has a theft option, if someone stolen the bicycle the alarm in the bell will ring so that the bicycle is safe and secure.

4.Ride Air Pump:

Ride Air Pump

A ride air pump is a reusable pump it can be repumped and store in the air and used for later purposes. This gadget is useful for long travel bicyclers because the air in the tire will reduce while traveling for long distances. So this gadget is easily carryable. The pump will have a holder with the package and you can place the pump in the holder and carry it for long distances. The air is stored in the pump by compression and after it is used you can repump it. The pump has an indicator, so you can fill the air which the tire requires.

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5.Flykly Smart Wheel:

FlyKly Wheel

If you have a old bicycle and if you want to change that bicycle into the brand new bicycle then this gadget is very helpful. To replace the backside of the wheel is removed and placed this gadget. This gadget has a lot of features like theft option, speed limit, etc. You can lock the bicycle by using smartphone and the bicycle is stolen then the message will send to the smartphone with the location where it is traveling and there is a option where the speed of the bicycle is controlled by using the smartphone. The speed of the bicycle is kept constant and you can travel in that speed. This is very useful for the older people who cant able to pedel for long distances. This gadget is very useful for them.